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Join Us

We welcome prospective members of the Wits CfA to get in touch.


Keep an eye out on our News page for Job and Scholarship announcements and see below for more general information. 

For prospective postgraduate students considering Honours, MSc, or PhD projects, have a look at our Research and contact Faculty members regarding your interest. There are a variety of bursary opportunities available every year and the team can direct to the relevant path. 

For prospective postdoctoral fellows, there are a number of opportunities through grants held by Wits CfA members, as well as external funding opportunities - contact us to find out more. 

For current or prospective undergraduate students, read about the dedicated Astronomy and Astrophysics Undergraduate Programme here. as well as the Honours Programme, including the astrophysics and cosmology electives here

For school learners and members of the public who want to learn more about astronomy and our research, please keep an eye on our News page and the Wits Planetarium website, where announcements will be made about upcoming presentations and Planetarium shows, particularly once we conclude the upgrade to the Wits Digital Dome

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