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The Wits Centre for Astrophysics carries out leading research across the electromagnetic spectrum, as well as multi-messenger astronomy, including gravitational wave and neutrino astrophysics, and dark matter direct detection. Members of the Centre are active users of several Southern African facilities, including MeerKAT, SALT, HESS, and the nearby HartRAO radio observatory as part of the European VLBI Network. Members have extensive formal links with local and international collaborations, including the MeerKAT Large Survey Projects, SKA Science Working Groups, the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration, HESS and CTA, KM3NeT, HIRAX, AGILE, amongst others. The Centre has a wide range of observational, theoretical, and instrumental experience, with an active emphasis on the interconnect between. The School of Physics offers an Astronomy and Astrophysics undergraduate Programme with a strong observational and theoretical foundation to students who proceed to post-graduate studies.   Members of the Wits Centre of Astrophysics also manage the Wits Planetarium and the project to upgrade it to a Digital Dome. 

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